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About us

About us

Harju Pellet OÜ sells high quality wood pellets and offers way to fixate the price throughout the cold season.

The Pellet Boy has come to offer you and your children fresh air, enviromentally friendly heat and lively energy, which the Michelin Man tends to ruin. Biological energy is one of the most efficent fuels among other central heating system fuels, because it's heat output can be as high as 8800 BTU. Also systems using wooden pellets can be fully automated, which is highly useful nowadays and a must-have in the future.

Biological energy is the most sustainable energy type among Estonian renewable fuel sources, according to studies it's potential total energy output is 3 times bigger than wind power's total output. For example we can generate wind power up to 1,3 TW (terawatts) per year, while using biomass for power we can generate up to 3,5 TW per year.
Order wood pellets now and reduce your enviromental footprint, bringing better future for yourself and everybody else.

Contact Harju Pellet now and we will make you the best deal available.

Pellet Rasna

Pellet Rasna

Right now Harju Pellet OÜ only operates in Estonia, in other parts of Europe we recommend our bulk-sales division Rasna Investment Group OÜ, whose homepage you can access by simply clicking on their logo.


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